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Concealed detection solutions (loop system) for protecting store exits Acousto-magnetic technology

Concealed (loop) EAS system located in the doorway. It lets avoid using pedestals systems that select the useful area of ​​the store, break general design and integrated concept of the store.

The wide of exit 2m
Loop system In Vegas mall

Using loop system the stores can use various types of facades. Any design can be implemented without compromising the safety of stores.

Stable detection and the absence of “dead zones” allow to use a such solution in shopping centers.

The invisible EAS solutions allow to protect exits up to 2-3 meters wide

 Hidden anti-theft systems do not affect store design
Approximate installation scheme of hidden anti-theft systems

Depending on the features of the exits, the system is equipped with a set of different components, This allows to use it in the individual conditions of each store.

Mall European, department store GUM
Hidden anti-theft systems in Moscow shopping centers

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